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Logistics 2018: the need to develop logistics in companies increases the demand for services

News  08.02.2018

Industry professionals in internal logistics and material handling will meet at the Logistics Fair in Tampere on 12–13 September 2018. The themes include logistics as a competitive edge, internal logistics and the flow of information. The partner company for the Logistics 2018 Fair is Würth Oy Ltd. The industry’s most significant event in Finland showcases internal logistics and material handling, as well as logistics and warehousing services. Professionals and experts from all over Finland gather to learn about the latest products, services and solutions. The Finnish Association of Purchasing and Logistics (LOGY) will recognise an innovative and bold project with their Sisälogistiikan innovaatio 2018 (the innovation of intralogistics) award.

“A lot is going on in the field of logistics, and professionals are interested in genuine business cases. Companies feel that the whole industry benefits from sharing success stories and helping others. And these also contribute to the development of companies and other operators. It’s great that a successful company like Würth is willing to share its success stories, and explain how it gained its strong competitive edge in logistics. Through the partner company of the Logistics Fair, we can concretely demonstrate the significance of logistics for competitiveness and profitability improvement to customers”, says Sales Group Manager Jani Maja from Tampere Trade Fairs Ltd.

Würth: Developing logistics saves customers’ costs

Würth Oy Ltd. acts as the partner company of the Logistics 2018 Fair. The company is a service provider from Riihimäki, near the Helsinki metropolitan area, and takes care of tools and equipment related to the industrial, construction and maintenance sectors. For Würth, logistics is both global and local at the same time. The distribution centres abroad give perspective, and local logistics at the customers’ premises requires precision and reliability.

“At Würth, everything starts with smooth-running logistics. Lean thinking in everyday life simply means saving customers time and money and increasing productivity and effectiveness with less fuss. The best possible logistics also calls for the best partners. The partnership with the Logistics 2018 event is important to Würth, because the pioneer of the field has to keep moving all the time”, says Mika Rantanen, Managing Director of Würth Oy Ltd.

“Würth has chosen to be the developer of logistics, because in the past customers’ time and money have been wasted in incidental expenses on low-value purchases. There is good potential for saving customers’ costs by developing logistics. Würth’s logistics is at the forefront in delivery reliability and convenience from the point of view of customers”, Rantanen says.

Würth has a long tradition in developing logistics and innovative solutions. As far back as 1995, Würth was chosen as the logistics company of the year, and ever since has regularly and actively developed logistics solutions for equipment management. Würth’s latest logistic innovation, which drastically changes the operating methods of the industry, is an intelligent storage system called Würth Wücon Compact intended for the distribution of personal protection equipment.It is showcased at the EuroSafety 2018 fair that is organised at the same time with the logistics fair at the Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre.

The largest safety industry event in the Nordic region will be held in Tampere in September

The largest safety industry event in the Nordic countries will be organised at the Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre simultaneously with the Logistics Fair. The Safety, EuroSafety and Workplace Welfare events, as well as the Occupational Health Convention, bring together thousands of professionals. These events present a wide variety of products and services in the field.

“The Safety, EuroSafety and Workplace Welfare events offer a broad range of safety products to intralogistics professionals who are in charge of their organisations’ occupational safety and workplace welfare, for instance offering them personal protection equipment and first-aid materials”, Maja continues.

Press Release 8 February 2018